A sneak preview – Google I/O Conference

After Apple and Microsoft, it was time for another giant to showcase its muscle – this time it was Google.  It was all style and another peak view of technology world coming up.  Where seeds sown two years back will now come into fruition.

Let us quickly glance on the new things coming from the stable of Google

  • Project Glass is the next future of Google: This is how Techcrunch puts it.  After a lot of hype surrounding this thing – this is something that looks like taken right from Star Trek series.  An easy augmented reality solution without you having to put down a marker.  A real time augmented reality which is easily achievable.  This is something that will just open a world that will combine the virtual reality with the real life. Google has launched Google Glass a spectacular piece which is in the form of glass that is intelligent.  So move over smartphones – now its smart glasses.  Google has also opened Google glass for the developers with the Google Glass Enterprise Edition.  So all developers – lets start building apps with Google glass.  Check out this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxmbbtuRszA

  • Google Nexus USD 199 Tablet: The tablet wars have not intensified yet unlike their smartphone counterparts.  With iPad dominating this market and Amazon Kindle gobbling the entry level, Google with its partnership with Asus has launched a full blown tablet for USD 199.  Named Google Nexus 7 tablet – this will be featuring the latest OS – Android Jelly Bean – which is another announcement by Google today.  This shot from Google aims at three major players Apple’s iPad, Amazon’s Kindle and Microsoft Surface.  One thing is certain – it is the beginning of the end of the laptop era
  • Launch of Android Jelly Bean 4.1: Google has launched its latest version of Android – version 4.1 Android Jelly Bean.  Aimed at countering the fragmentation problem, Jelly Bean has revamped the home screen and host of other features.  It remains to be seen how quickly it is available for upgrades for users

Some of the other announcements include

  • Google Play store becomes smarter by providing subscriptions and other media downloads
  • Google Cloud Messaging allows developers to develop apps that control data downloads at the user level thereby reducing the battery usage.
  • Siri has serious competition in Google Now: Move over Siri, Google has brought in Google Now that also provides personal assistant like Siri but moves one step ahead by combining the historical preferences of the user.  Google Now and Siri are now the two most powerful assistants – we guess
  • Google Nexus Q: With entertainment revolution happening, this is another announcement from Google launching its social media streamer – an Android powered device that allows streaming from different cloud based media.  Well this could be the answer to Apple’s much hyped ‘hobby project’ iTV/Apple TV priced at USD 299
  • Google Chrome is out of Beta: Finally, the fastest growing browser is out of beta.  The version 18 .x with host of new features has made browsing an interesting playground.

Thus, Google has shown its intention.  With host of expected announcements like an upgrade to its Android OS, Google Glass is something that will create another revolution.

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