Wins of Winjit Women (Success Story #5)

Amruta is a spirited person full of enthusiasm and energy.  She has a very positive attitude towards her work and life.

Amruta Sanap (Sr. Software Engineer)

Amruta joined Winjit in 2010 as an Intern and later became a Developer and Team Leader. She had to leave Winjit in 2015 when she got married and moved to Mumbai. She joined another IT company in Mumbai and worked with them for two and a half years. She had to take a break when her twins (a daughter and a son) were born.

Later her husband got a transfer and they moved to Bhopal.  When the twins became two years old and she had help for them, she started yearning to get back to work. There were not enough opportunities in Bhopal for her profile. She had stayed in contact with her seniors & colleagues at Winjit. At that time Winjit decided to allow young moms to restart their careers working from home. It was a win-win situation for both Amruta and Winjit and she was more than glad to be back on board. 

She rejoined as a Developer. She had stayed away from work for more than two years and during that period lot of new developments had taken place on the IT front. She took this up as a challenge and quickly upskilled herself by pursuing a number of online certification courses.  As she had worked on different technologies, her rich experience is proving to be an asset. She along with mentoring the juniors has now become the leading team member with one of our government customers in the Fintech domain. Even her seniors value her advice. She feels no qualms about seeing some of her juniors as seniors to her today. 

Being born and brought up in Nashik, she misses the pleasure of attending office, the several events, and the fun of mingling with colleagues but she has made the best of the opportunities that have come her way.  She feels that Winjit has set a benchmark in the industry for the way it takes care of its employees.

Amruta is an inspiration to many moms and believes that a woman with confidence can restart her career and be unstoppable.

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