Wins of Winjit Women (Success Story #4)

Namritha is a cheerful & lively person. Her name is derived from a Sikh word that means ‘politeness’. She definitely lives up to her name.

Namritha Lima (Project Manager)

Being the daughter of an army officer helped her inculcate qualities like resilience, independence, adaptability & strength quite early in life. These qualities helped her stand in good stead to tackle challenges that came her way in both personal and professional life. After her schooling, her father decided to settle down in Nasik and Namritha took a liking to the city and became a true Nashikkar.

Namritha is working with Winjit for the past seven years and she has progressed from being a Software Engineer to Senior Software Engineer, then a Team Lead, Project Lead, and Project Manager. The strength of the team with her varied between 5 & 10 depending upon the project size. She gives full credit of the success to her team. It is Namritha’s belief that women employees are just as focused at work as they are at managing their other responsibilities.

She took a break from work when her daughter came into her world. On her special request, she was allowed to stay away from her work for 6 months. After her daughter attained 6 months of age, she rejoined and is now working from home as a back-end developer responsible for the server-side web application logic & integration. She feels that Winjit gives paramount importance and exhibits flexibility towards the needs of employees. It is because of this; the employees also strive towards giving their best to the organization.

Namritha in addition to her office work also takes care of her 1-year-old daughter, in-laws & mother.

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