Wins of Winjit Women (Success Story #3)

Chandrika disarms you with her sunny smile & warm disposition. She brings an air of positivity with her that is infectious. She comes across as a strong and successful team leader.

Chandrika Mutha (Technology Lead)

She joined as a fresher when Winjit had only 30 employees and she has been an integral part of Winjit’s success story.  From Developer to Project Manager & Team Leader to being Technology Lead she has handled the responsibilities efficiently.  She has been working with South African Clients and her way of working on the project and finding solutions have been appreciated by all. When our Co-founder Mr. Ashwin Kandoi asked her whether she would like to go on project work to South Africa, she didn’t think twice but immediately agreed and spent a couple of weeks working & interacting with the overseas client in their office. She became the first female employee of the organization to go to South Africa. The visit widened her horizon.  She got an opportunity to understand the work culture of an overseas organization which helped in her career as well as building the right solutions for customers in different geography.

She feels that Winjit is a great organization to work for and would continue to grow because of the open & flexible work culture and with senior management taking full care of the interests of the employees and also being empathetic to their personal issues.

It is to her credit that after her marriage she managed and balanced her personal and professional life with grit & determination and successfully veered around her family to see her point of view and allow her to continue working. Today she is the proud mother of an eight-year-old son and her family is her biggest strength.

Chandrika is multilingual as besides English & Hindi, she can speak Marathi, Telugu, and now even Marwari as she is married in a Marwari Jain family. Her son has also acquired proficiency in all these languages.

She enjoys singing and has participated in some Winjit events and feels that music gives relaxation and is a wonderful stress buster.

Her one-point message to the other female colleagues is “When the opportunity comes knocking at your door, don’t hesitate but grab it with both the hands.”


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