From Winjit Technologies to Global Adventures: Embracing Technology, Empowering Others, and Finding Significance Along the Way

Once upon a time, in the city of Nashik, India, I started my remarkable journey at Winjit Technologies. With a deep passion for technology and a drive for success, I joined Winjit Technologies as a Software Engineer in the year 2011 with only 80 employees working at that time.

From the very first day, I dove headfirst into learning and worked on a significant project that required expertise in C# and SQL, skills I hadn’t fully mastered yet. Undeterred by the challenge, I sought guidance from many who mentored me along the way.

In 2013, my journey took an exciting turn when I had the chance to travel to South Africa for the first time. The trip exposed me to a world of diverse cultures, languages, and challenges. Fascinated by the country’s beauty, I became a frequent visitor, eventually spending two years in Johannesburg. During this stay, I formed a friendship with an Uber driver who expressed a keen interest in learning SQL. Recognizing an opportunity to share my knowledge and give back, I mentored him to start his career as a developer.

Throughout my tenure at Winjit, I embraced various roles and responsibilities, evolving from a software developer to a proficient team manager, project manager to business analyst. Looking back, I acknowledge the invaluable opportunities and challenges that Winjit Technologies provided me. It wasn’t just about technological growth, but also about immersing myself in different cultures and understanding various business domains.

To truly bring your dreams to life, it’s crucial to shift your focus from mere success to something much more profound—significance. By embracing this mindset, even the smallest steps and minor victories along your journey will assume extraordinary significance and meaning.

Author- Kedar Dixit, Winjit Technologies

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