#40Under40 HR professional

Yash Wagh was named as one of the top 40 HR professionals and honoured with #40Under40 HR professional award by Jombay.

This 40under40 award had a two-pronged agenda. First, to provide a platform that will build an ecosystem of thinkers, change makers, who will co-create innovation in the field of human resources, and people development. Second, this platform will put a responsibility on the shoulders of young leaders to be torchbearers and lead the way for the upcoming talent in the field of Human resources. The 40 Young Leaders have been selected by scientifically evaluating 650 young leaders via 4 rounds of assessments, business simulations and behavioural event questionnaires.

The Process


Virtual Assessment Centre

An online simulation designed to test team management skills. Participants were posed as team managers and a combination of resource skills and business scenarios were given to them to tackle. Each scenario was time bound.

Cardinal Leadership Workshop

The workshop is a flagship leadership development program. The cardinal leadership program was designed specifically to evaluate participants’ learning agility while taking them through a blended development journey that will build their leadership competencies.

iDEV Platform based Learning Journey

Participants were asked to download a mobile application which hosted 22 case lets which were shared over a period of 4 months. The case lets focused on evaluating the participants on 3 major parameters –

  1. a) Strategic Leadership
  2. b) Performance Leadership

c)People Leadership.

The Behavioral Event Questionnaire

The Behavioral event questionnaire consisted of 30 open ended questions which aimed at introspection. The participants were made to reflect on their journey as HR professionals. It also evaluated the extent to which the participants goals were aligned to a larger ecosystem of organizational capabilities.

Jury Round for the Top 100

The Behavioral event Questionnaire was the last round after which a cumulative score of all the previous 4 rounds was considered to shortlist the top 100 HR professionals under 40.The final leg of the journey was the Jury round for the shortlisted 100 participants. This round saw the participants go through a rigorous personal interview with a panel of 3 esteemed senior HR leaders from various organizations. Weightage was assigned to each of the stages and a cumulative score of all the stages was calculated to recognize the Top 40HRunderForty.


  1. Leaders do not make followers. They create more leaders.
  2. Leading does not necessarily have to be from the front. True leaders possess the capability to lead from behind.
  3. Leadership is not the destination, it’s a journey.
  4. As true leaders, you need to ask yourself ‘What value are you adding to your team’s capabilities?’
  5. Enabling your team to realize their aspirations is a core responsibility of a leader.
  6. Learn to trust, ensure a collaborative decision-making process.
  7. Don’t complicate it for your team, keep it short simple and comprehensive.
  8. ‘What you want to be remembered for’ is what is most important.

Talking about the journey, Our HR leader, Yash Wagh said, I learnt a lot more in this enriching and valuable journey than what is penned down. The six-month long HR40underForty process has certainly made me a better individual both personally and professionally.”



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