Geek at heart, Mother and a Leader

Vijayta Bhatt

Just because the number of women in technology-related fields has always been dramatically lower than that of men doesn’t mean that things will stay that way.

Meet Vijayta Bhatt from Winjit Technologies who has been in the tech space for the last decade, is today one of the brightest brains in blockchain technology.

A woman leader backed with a rich experience of 12 years, she drives the organization’s blockchain team and develop strategic approaches to implement blockchain technologies; with major expertise in Mobility and Project management. A technology geek at heart, Vijayta has emerged as an influencer by leading the development of multiple blockchain based platforms across different geographies and business domains; crushing it in the blockchain and crypto space and serving as inspiration for budding female technology enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

Vijayta is making an impact in the blockchain and crypto space as well as forging a path to help other women get involved. She is creating the dawn of wide adoption of blockchain technology and believes that it is poised to disrupt many industries in the coming years, women will play a big role in helping to create much more diverse and decentralized internet age than we have today. 

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