Winjit’s AI Hackathon – Where Humans interpret “Science of AI”

Artificial Intelligence being an Emerging Technology is one of the most popular themes at hackathons worldwide. Winjit Technologies conducted a one day Hackathon on 19th October 2019 at NDMVP College of Engineering, Nashik, with a motive to open doorways of new opportunities for budding AI innovators in Nashik and to help them solve grand challenges by indulging into intense technical discussion and development guided by Winjit’s Expert Team.

The first phase included a Training and Mentoring session on Artificial Intelligence and its latest technology stack by Winjit’s Expert Team. An interactive Q&A rewarding round amidst the training for the participants, build up the spirit of the competition. Total Cash Prize of Rs 20,000 was to be given to the winners.

To keep up the spirit of participation, the event included bunch of activities for the participants. These activities set the ground right for forming the teams that would be a part of the competition. Rewards that the participants received through the activities kept the motivation level up throughout the event.

The interesting second phase was a group hackathon where the AI geeks were categorised as teams and the teams focused on build models on the predefined problem statement that would identify whether a person would leave an organisation based on the parameters like his work profile, timesheets, reporting managers.


After grilling their machines and minds the teams came up with innovative models that used libraries of Python like Scikit-learn and Pandas. The most optimised solution by the team (Suraj, Samyak, Sagar, Pritam, Vaibhav) which gave around 95% accuracy was awarded a cash prize of Rs.10,000. They solved the binary classification problem using the best Machine Learning techniques.

 It was impressive to see a variety of models built up and trained in such a short span of time by the young minds. The event one of its kind in Nashik made a mark to showcase the innovation and power of AI that is budding in the city.

Finally, munching the evening snacks with mugs of coffee, the wonderfully ventured event concluded with the passionate innovators learning and applying AI techniques to help their ideas see the light of the day. Winjit’s Hackathon facilitated the participant’s to tackle real-world problems by bringing together experts from industry and academia from across the State in Nashik.

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