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Appadda ,powered by Winjit awarded for Best New Innovative Service in Mobile Industry by World Brand Congress Mobbys Awards

Winjit was honored by the World Brand Congress Mobbys Awards for Innovation in Mobile Industry , Best New Service for its unique path breaking platform Appadda on 14th November , 2014 , Mumbai. App Adda is a whole new technology consisting of hardware and…
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Vintage Technology Throwback Thursday : Coleco Electronic Quarterback (1978)

Electronic Quarterback Formerly the Connecticut Leather Company, Coleco had turned to electronics in the 1970s. When the company saw the success of Mattel’s handheld Football game, it quickly came out with a copycat device. Electronic Quarterback was a handheld electronic…
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Vintage Tech Throwback Thursday : Apple Macintosh Portable

With the uprising competition in late eighties, there were PC laptops on the market, few were as fast or powerful as the Macintosh Portable, it is Apple’s first portable Macintosh computer with a 68000 processor running at 16 MHz and…
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