Vintage Technology Throwback Thursday : Coleco Electronic Quarterback (1978)

Coleco Electronic Quarterback (1978)

Electronic Quarterback

Formerly the Connecticut Leather Company, Coleco had turned to electronics in the 1970s. When the company saw the success of Mattel’s handheld Football game, it quickly came out with a copycat device.

Electronic Quarterback was a handheld electronic game made by Coleco in 1978, these devices might seem simple, but being first among handheld video games, they turned on a generation of geeks for protable gaming.

It was powered by a 9 volt battery or an AC adaptor, & it superlatively differentiated itself from the other similar handheld electronic football games of the era, notably Mattel Electronics’s version, by having two blockers and giving the quarterback the ability to pass. ike many electronic games in the late 1970s, it was also released by Sears under their own brand and the name Electronic Touchdown.

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