Winjit chosen the technology partner for Yield Bank platform

Creating a revolution in the space of DeFi space, the iYield team, with its new generation platform Yield bank offering all different DeFi products through one platform, has chosen Winjit as its technology partner. Winjit, with its strong experience in the space of AI, IoT, and Blockchain, has been an active player in the area of Blockchain and DeFi. Some of its key partners include major players from various industrial verticals that focus on leveraging DeFi for multiple ecosystems.

Vignesh Iyer, Head: Emerging Technologies and Products, mentions, “It’s a privilege to be part of the exciting journey of Yield Bank team headed by Domenico Vitale, who is a visionary and has envisaged a platform that truly would make DeFi and various financial services accessible to everyone. Banking without overwhelming the user is the key value we see being delivered by the iYield team through its offering Yield Bank. We truly believe the Liquidity Episode of Yield Bank will be one of the biggest events of DeFi in the coming months.” Commenting on the engagement in this event, Domenico Vitale, Founder of Yield Bank, said, “We are thrilled to partner with a reliable and committed technology partner in Winjit who not only have the technology know-how but also are the thought leaders in the Blockchain and DeFi space that motivated us to explore the great synergies in the space of DeFi.”

About Winjit

Founded in 2004, by two technology enthusiasts, Winjit, gained its recognition as an engineering technology company and marked its presence in several other countries such as South Africa, US, UK, and Singapore. Winjit is a top-notch smart engineering solutions provider. From conceptualization and optimization to cultivating real-time results, Winjit caters all. Pacing up with current trends in technology, the core prowess of the company lies in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Blockchain & Fintech, Internet of Things, and Product Engineering.

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About iYield and Yield Bank

iYield is an emerging DeFi player with many offerings being launched in the DeFi space.  Yield Bank is the flagship platform of iYield that facilitates one stop solution for a user to access various DeFi assets. 



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