Dear Men, This Women’s Day, We are Stepping into Your Shoes! And This is What We Want!!!

It’s probably just plain vanilla for me being a woman to post something on Women’s Day. What am I supposed to do? Suddenly look down at my body couture and realise, one second, here is a bunch of us and we are different than our male colleagues in some regard for this one grand day! (Definitely not in the hours we put in or the pull ups we are entitled to if we happen to err even if it’s today!) But still! The world has it that today is our day, and it’s time to ccccelebrate!

But you know, methinks one ‘upgrade’ for all of us on “ Women’s Day”  ironically would be a chance to be a man and get away with it all just for this One Day! Right women?! Aha! Now you’re talking real women’s day privileges. So a couple of us ‘women’ at office sat down and fantasized, if today we got a chance to enjoy the liberties that our counterpart bearded gender enjoys, what would each one of us choose?! Excerpts from some very, very cool women at Winjit made in a lighter vein:

Sakshi Agarwal: This girl might be our ace HR team member, but she could take the crusade of all married women on her wise shoulders when she says, “If I got to be a man for a day, what I will do is, make sure that when people get married, the ‘rule’ of a woman leaving her parent’s house switches to the man leaving his parents place and joining the wife!” Woha! We love you more Sakshi (and you are getting a gazillion fervent nods!)


Sanghamitra Waghmare:  The gorgeous soft spoken Sanghamitra is happy to settle down for “a lovely night out, driving without hesitation into the night and not always have someone to accompany her just coz she has to go out!”  The famous “ girly 9 pm deadlines people!


Sneha Pillai: Now she might be taking the QA department by storm with her brilliance, but wait till you hear what she wants, “ Aha! I have a big, big list if I get to be a man for a day! But coming down to one thing, I would begin by teasing all the men in the bus, just so that they get a taste of what it feels like when you do it to us!” she says with a naughty glint in her eye. ( Sneha, please choose to be a muscular macho if you choose to do that!)


Shady Anonymous: ( Yes,  only on conditions of anonymity can I post the next one, so here it goes from a ‘younger Winjitian laydah’  “ If I get to be a man for a day, I just want to get drunk and head to Goa and not return!”


Shalaka Gaidhani: She bobs her head up from managing her JSON images and pitches in, “Can I say this, but I definitely won’t have to care about threading and waxing and shaving and those annoying bits we have to look into as women..I would just enjoy this privilege the most!”  ALL OF US Shalaka!!!


Himanshi Patil : Super efficient Himanshi is not asking for much as she says “Oh! Wow, imagine getting ready in less than 20 minutes! Not having to care how you look, what you wear, saying whatever you want to anyone…I could do with that” ( sigh, all of us could get to do with getting ready in under 20 minutes H!)


Enlightened Anonymous: “Oh! How cool! I want a chance to really understand HOW men think, because my poor husband keeps complaining there is no ‘logic’ to our fights…(When was there ever!) but still! Hopefully understanding from ‘his perspective’ might help things?! Ahh, good point ‘anonymous’…but you know you are winning the fight in the end anyway right?! he he


Monali Samarth: Our in-house Picasso, Monali Samarth is more relaxed and less of a boiling potato like the rest of us though. “What’s the big deal about being a man for a day, I don’t feel any different.” Woha! We need to take tolerance notes from you Monali post office hours!


Ashwini Shingar: The adorably cute Ashwini from the front desk dreamily says, “Though my husband is so nice, for that one day if I get to be a man, I will show him how to be even nicer and attentive to his wife!” Mahesh (and rest of the husbands in the universe please take note of this common plight!)


Wise Anonymous:  “I would be happy to turn back into a woman the next day to be honest, coz I’ve seen my dad, my brothers take on responsibility..And it’s not easy! Not too many would agree, but maybe we women just have it a little easier than them in some regard!  Ehh, yes definitely in some regards we agree anonymous.


Vijayta Bhatt:  Our super hard working Vijayta has just one thing to say, “Boy, would I sleep long or what! Get up really late, take out time for myself and do my own thing if I was a man for this one day!” 8 trillion votes for Vijayta alone on that note!


Dhanashree Patil: But no one is more resolute than Dhanashree as she says, “What! If I get to be a boy for a day, I won’t turn that around, I then want to be a boy for the rest of my life!” Eh.Eh. Shhh Dhanashree, we are celebrating Women’s Day today…keep coy, the spell reverses at 12 am tonight.

So dear men, even though today you might feel a little ignored and sidelined, but rejoice a tad, because can you see what we really want?! Now make this day a little more special for us, take notes and don’t mess up as we (try to) run wild doing our own thing today.

With love,

All of us.


  1. Mangesh Jadhav

    Dear all of you
    “wish u a very Happy Women’s Day & have a happy life”

  2. Mangesh Jadhav

    Dear all of You
    “Wish u a very Happy Women’s Day & be happy always”

  3. Swapnil Dangarikar

    Cheers to all the ladies!

  4. Sonali Kamble

    Hi Everyone,

    I know I am late but would like to wish Happy Women’s day to each of you.

    Especially my sis Ashwini…U r awesome…



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