There is no limit to what a woman can accomplish

Priyanka Winjit Technologies

Message By Priyanka:

Your aspiration succeeds partly because of your talents and hard work and partly because of the conducive environment a company offers. And Winjit has just the right environment to support ambition and growth. 

4 years ago, I was the first woman and the youngest member to join Winjit’s leadership team, and as another popular Vice President once said, I won’t be the last. We continue to seek a diverse panel on our board of women leaders across technical and managerial role.

Over the last few decades, Winjit has nurtured an exceptional environment where both men and women are given access to equal opportunities, equal pay and a common career path. It’s reflective in the growing number of women who join our Next-Gen-Leadership program every year.

The Women at Winjit are defying the rules of traditional career path, and I look forward to be inspired by your journey with us.

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