Trailblazing Transformation: The Epic Rise of the APAC IT Head – From Support Engineer to Visionary Leader

In the fast-paced world of IT, I embarked on a remarkable journey with an organization that changed my life; Witnessing exponential growth, harnessing technical expertise, and embracing endless opportunities for learning and development.

I joined Winjit in 2011 as a Support Engineer, (completing 12 years) fueled by the determination to provide top-notch IT support to internal users. From troubleshooting technical glitches to ensuring smooth network and server operations, grasped the intricate workings of corporate offices. Little did I know that this initial role would be the stepping stone to an exciting journey of growth and leadership.

As time swept by, I embraced additional responsibilities that stretched my capabilities and tested my mettle. I took charge of managing critical servers like domain servers, exchange servers and database servers, expanding my technical skills with each passing day. What started with assisting 60 users soon grew into a monumental task of managing the IT infrastructure for over 250+ users spread across multiple global office locations.

Winjit Technologies, with it’s commitment to excellence, provided me with countless opportunities to dive deep into a myriad of systems and technologies. I had the privilege to work with cutting-edge tools and platforms like Microsoft Azure, AWS, Microsoft 365, and Sophos Firewall. The wealth of technical and non-technical knowledge I gained throughout this journey has been invaluable, propelling me forward on my path of growth.

Among the many chapters of my tenure at Winjit, one standout moment was the ambitious cybersecurity initiative we undertook. With esteemed FinTech clients relying on us to safeguard their sensitive data, we decided to lead the charge by implementing Symantec Endpoint Protection across our organization. Our mission was clear – to fortify our security practices and ensure the utmost protection for our clients’ valuable assets.

As I reflect upon my journey, a deep sense of pride fills my heart for being a part of Winjit. From my humble beginnings as a Support Engineer at Winjit to my current role as APAC IT Head- RIB Software has nurtured my technical expertise and equipped me with invaluable insights into people management; with a culture of continuous learning and development, where every individual has the opportunity to unlock their true potential and achieve greatness.

As I conclude this chapter of my story, I leave you with a simple yet profound message: “Embrace every opportunity for growth and learning, for it is through these experiences that we truly unlock our potential and achieve greatness.” Winjit Technologies has been my constant companion on this journey, and I eagerly look forward to the chapters yet to be written, for the bond between us is everlasting.

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