Wins of Winjit Women (Success Story #6)

A successful HR Manager plays a very important role in developing the culture of an upcoming organization and has to have excellent interpersonal & communication skills. He or she has to be a trouble-shooter, a multi-tasker, and an effective team leader. Nikita Duseja, Senior Manager in Human Capital team at Winjit fits the billing to a ‘T’.  Nikita is a vibrant & energetic person and has made a significant contribution to the development of the organization during the last 8 years that she has been associated with Winjit.

Nikita Duseja (Sr. Manager Human Capital)

Nikita comes from a joint family that is in the wholesale business of pharmaceutical products in Nasik for several decades. Living in a joint family makes a person focus on ‘we’ rather than on ‘me’. She not only acquired this quality in abundance from her early years but also other qualities like sharing, caring, and empathy. They held her in good stead in her career in Winjit and became the reason for her being liked by all.

After her graduation in 2012, Nikita worked with two companies for a year each and simultaneously completed her Diploma in Pharmacy. A turn of events brought her on board with Winjit in June 2014 as an Admin Executive and there has been no looking back since then. Winjit was building its new premises and at the same time Nikita joined the organization without any prior experience and only with guidance from the Founders, she handled the entire office operations. In 2015, she set up the Bengaluru office ably assisted by another colleague. Challenges do not daunt Nikita as she is a quick learner and easily gets along with people. As part of her assignment, she facilitated both domestic & international travels of the employees including getting visas & work permits by personally visiting the various consulate offices. To be able to get visas & work permits during 2017-18 for South Africa was considered quite an achievement.  Along with her office work, she completed PG in Human Resources by correspondence from Wellingkar Mumbai during 2016-18.

As a Senior Manager in Human Capital, she along with her 4-member team takes care of the complete employee experience including encoding events, employer branding, onboarding, offboarding, talent acquisition and oversees the Admin responsibilities. She also coordinates with the Marketing team for Winjit branding and social media ideation. One of the employees who exited from WINJIT later wrote a mail saying that he might get better career opportunities but it would be very difficult to get an HR person like Nikita anywhere else. What better compliment or testimonial, an employee could look forward to!

Nikita’s innate qualities came to the fore during the two years of COVID and her selfless work earned her love & applause from employees and their families. After the lockdown, she has been present in the office ever since June 2020 despite becoming a COVID victim herself both during the first & second wave. She became the single point of contact and was always available to the employees, giving them guidance, counseling, arranging medicines, oxygen cylinders, meals, etc. It was a harrowing experience but she continued being the ‘Florence Nightingale’ of Winjit.  In March 2020, the majority of the flights were canceled and three employees were stranded in Cape Town and one in New York. She moved heaven and earth to get them safely back to India and to their respective homes. For this, she earned the sobriquet ‘Sushma Swaraj of Winjit’.

We are proud of Nikita and wish her all the best in life & career. All she has to say to everyone is “as long as you put 100 percent into your work and enjoy doing so, anything you do will not go unnoticed; you just need to have faith and keep going.”

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