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Vintage Technology Throwback Thursday : First Computer Mouse

The invention of the computer mouse and use the cathode-ray tube for the display of text, of graphics and of the mouse pointer (the monitor as we know it today) has revolutionized the world of computers today. Like many other…
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Vintage Technology Throwback Thursday : Coleco Electronic Quarterback (1978)

Electronic Quarterback Formerly the Connecticut Leather Company, Coleco had turned to electronics in the 1970s. When the company saw the success of Mattel’s handheld Football game, it quickly came out with a copycat device. Electronic Quarterback was a handheld electronic…
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Vintage Technology Throwback Thursday : The Xerox 8010 Information System

The 8010 Information System from Xerox was the first system to use a fully integrated desktop application suite. Initially the term “Star” referred to the application and desktop software. However the system as a whole became commonly known as “The…
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