Connecting Mind, Body and Soul – International Women’s Day 2020

An Ode to honour the strong, bold and fierce women around the globe, 8th March is as celebrated as International Women’s Day worldwide. This year, the UN theme for International Women’s Day was: “I am Generation Equality : Realizing Women’s Rights”.

Winjit celebrated the existence of our divine feminine force by empowering their mind, body, and soul with a 3-day get-together. Day 1 was all about focusing on the physical fitness of a female.  Women tend to de-prioritize their own health and find it difficult to take out enough “ME time”. We had an evening Zumba session, named “The Movement of Moment” with Zin Aishwarya Shetty. It was an energizing and lively 1-hour session, that rightly set the groove of Day 1.

The celebration continued and Day 2 was marked with an interactive Panel Discussion on the theme of Women’s Day – I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights. It was our privilege and honour to have the highly inspiring and accomplished Women Leaders of Nashik on our panel:

  • Ritu Agarwal – Managing Trustee of Wisdom High International School, which is among the top 20 schools of the country
  • Dr. Vijaylaxmi Ganorkar – MD Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, 30 years in the field, have successfully led the delivery of 15,000 babies to the world
  • Neeta Narang – Assistant General Manager HDFC Ltd Nashik, part of cyclist foundation NGO, a passionate organic farmer, A triathlete, a marathoner and an ultra-cyclist

The Intellectual Discussion was Moderated by Priyanka Pareek, Winjit’s first female and the youngest Vice President, who heads the Business Transformation BU. The discussion was started by defining what do we truly mean when we speak of Gender Equality, where are we today and what progress still needs to be made. The panellist shared insights from their personal experiences on how to make the change at a family and a community level, what role can men play and how can women uplift each other.  We took a moment for appreciating the supportive men, girl gang and families in our lives. The discussion gave the Women at Winjit a platform to ask candid questions and share their own inspiring journey.

Friday marked the end of our uplifting celebration. A Canvas Painting workshop themed as “YOU CAN FLY” was hosted by a young artist Ms. Shruti Shetty, founder of “Kala” which means Art. Art is something that gets the best and the most beautiful side of any human being.

The workshop gave us a chance to display our artistic and colourful side, a welcomed break from Computers and Conference rooms. The subject of canvas painting metaphorically described a girl who is flying towards her dream and conveys the message that it’s never too late to fly and achieve your dreams. Winjit was fortunate to contribute to the “Abiliti Foundation” that’s dedicated to educate special children with reduced learning ability. This Women’s Day, in light of Winjit’s “Sharing is Caring” Mantra, we offered a few computers to the students of “Abiliti foundation”. One step towards spreading the joy of learning by giving the students access to technology.

The 3 days of power packed Women’s Day Celebration truly connected us to our mind body and soul. Driving true inclusion and creating equal opportunities for women at work, Winjit is proud to have a male to female employee ratio of 3:1 compared to 10:1 ratio of our industry. To all the strong and beautiful Women professional across the globe and to the Men who help us lead the change, here’s wishing you a Happy Women’s Day.

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