Mary Meeker : The Annual Gospel for the tech World

The annual Mary Meeker report is out which is considered as the Gospel for the Tech industry. The industry awaits the commentary and takes that a benchmark for the year going forward.

They main Key take away form me are

  • Global Internet Year on Year Growth is slowing down with exception for India
  • Smart phone year on Year growth is slowing down.
  • Voice and Image search is increasing at the fastest pace.
  • UGC or User Generated content in Broadcasting is a reality
  • Messaging platforms is growing rapidly.
  • Smart phone Home screen was the de facto portal on home screens and only messaging apps have the opportunity to replace this.
  • Car Industry is going through a paradigm  shift
  • Transportation is being re-imagined, as the rise of car computerization, autonomous driving, and sharing transform our understanding of mobility.
  • Data as a platform with data security as the largest concern

What was the most interesting thing you learned? I’d like to hear about it in the comments.

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