Summary for Top Industry Predicts 2012: Gartner

They say “Industries Face Intensified Consumerization and Technology Disruption”.

Some relevant and interesting predictions from Gartner for 2012. Please view complete report on Gartner

There are a few more from Gartner but we believed these were more important and required worth a mention

By 2013, iPad penetration among pharma sales reps will reach 85%, then shift to applications that improve delivery and interaction tracking.

Market Implications:

  • During 2012, these pharmas will begin to realize that they need to deliver marketing materials with more differentiation and applications that create value in sales force engagement with physicians. This will cause some consternation.
  • With increasing physician engagement not being mediated by reps (such as self-detailing and physician social media), the role of predictive modeling in capturing, analyzing and recommending how and when to engage will increase.
  • iPads will have staying power only to the degree that individuals using them can keep the content fresh, which will stretch the current content creation capacity to new limits.

By 2015, new, external social Web and cloud-based services will generate 25% of consumer-driven banking products and services.

Market Implications:

  • Consumers will expect a level of personalization in the products and services they buy. This needs to be delivered via the public cloud to enable rapid adjustments to demand, and to be economically feasible at an industrial scale.
  • Consumers will expect retail banks to follow the lead set by social networks and provide the same level of services and transactions via the social Web.
  • Similarly, merchant customers will expect banks to provide social Web and cloud-based services that they can offer to their retail customers.


By 2016, most consumers in mature markets will consider in-vehicle Web access a key criterion in their automobile purchase.

Market Implications:

  • Connected vehicles are offering the automotive industry new differentiation and business opportunities that go beyond traditional mechanical engineering. However, developing a car-centric connectivity solution is challenging, given the complexity of automobiles, long product development times and life cycles, and harsh usage requirements for automobiles.
  • This will lead to new supply chains and supplier evaluations. For example, the software provider of the in-vehicle solution’s operating system will become equally important to the traditional hardware supplier that designs the head unit.

By 2016, the iPad will gain less than 50% of the K-12 market as CIOs favor devices that are deployed more readily.

Market Implications:

  • The popularity of media tablets will continue and become the primary form factor for user devices in K-12 education and school districts.
  • Providers will compete for education dollars on two fronts: (1) tablet sales to individuals and (2) enterprise-level tablets and tablet management solutions.

By 2015, 20% of integrated delivery systems will be investing in new healthcare-targeted customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

Market Implications:

  • Vendors big and small with CRM experience will be jumping on this opportunity in 2012, seeking health delivery organizations (HDOs) for early partnering. At the same time, healthcare megasuite vendors are already explaining how they will meet new care management needs.
  • This is one of the most notable new application arenas to open up in healthcare since the electronic health record.

By year-end 2014, at least one social network provider will become an insurance sales channel.

Market Implications:

  • The entry of social media providers into the insurance market would be a disruptive factor for the insurance industry. Traditional insurers with limited online and mobile device support are already running the risk of losing an entire generation of consumers, and would face significant challenges to defend their market position.
  • Both life and P&C insurers need to find better ways to explain and sell their products and services to consumers who are increasingly brand-neutral and turning toward the Internet for a better understanding of insurance and the value proposition that insurance delivers.

By 2016, more than 5% of searches will be initiated using mobile devices’ video/audio sensors instead of typed or spoken phrases.

Market Implications:

  • The proliferation of mobile communications devices — from smartphones to media tablets — with image/video/audio capture-recording capabilities is driving a major change in how and with what consumers look for services, content, physical goods and entertainment options.
  • Marketers charged with overseeing marketing/promotional strategies will need to optimize their print and other out-of-home materials to capture visual/audio search traffic.

By 2014, the five largest PLM software providers will make social networking an integral part of their solution.

Market Implications

  • Social networking will continue to grow as part of PLM software.
  • Key roles in PLM including engineers, scientists, manufacturing specialists, service specialists, potential partners and external innovators will increasingly use the social network to identify coworkers and others who can make faster contributions to their work.

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