What are benefits of Internet of Things

Everyone is talking about Internet of Things these days. What exactly is Internet of Things? In lay man’s terms, it is an intelligent interaction between all sorts of devices over the internet. This will eventually help us take better decisions and make our lives smoother.


Here are some examples that we can envision due to involvement IoT in our daily lives in the near future:

Smart Fridge

Imagine a smart fridge taking stock of groceries and keeping you informed. When you are running low on something or may be when you are out for lunch it should remind you regarding your grocery stock and would like to take look at some good deals in the departmental stores. If you decide to go to the store, you should now be shown a route to empty parking lot.

This will help us utilize time in the most useful way, save money and reduce stress as well.

Smart Car

You heavily depend on your vehicle for many daily tasks. Last week when I was about to leave for a trip about 5 am in the morning, everything was set and I suddenly found that my car’s tyre was flat. I had to drive with a flat tyre to the closest service station which was around 4 Kms away. This entire incident cost me hugely.

I gave it a thought later and imagined if I owned a smart car which would communicate with my smart phone and inform me to fill fuel, to check the tyre pressure, as well as my upcoming car servicing or rather if I need to visit the service station earlier due to a bad condition of my car spares.

This could have saved me money, good amount of stress and above all would have helped me to stick to my holiday itinerary.

Smart Traffic systems

Every day when we leave for office and find crowded roads on our routes, we curse our country’s system, politicians etc. for the situation. If we could have smart Traffic management systems that operates dynamically depending on the traffic conditions on the roads and diverts traffic to optional routes. Thereby making travelling to office less stressful!

Depending on our daily commuting pattern, your smart phone should take into account the live traffic conditions and should suggest you to take a public transport currently available as well as options available while returning from office.

Which will in turn reduce air pollution, reduce the traffic on roads and reduce the load on our roads which will in turn increase the life of the roads This will thereby reduce the tax burden on citizens.

Smart Offices

Depending on the external climatic conditions the lighting system will set the internal temperature and lighting in office, smart chairs would analyze our sitting pattern and accordingly suggest a better sitting habits as well suggest appropriate exercises to reduce back pain etc.,

Smart tiffin would detect the contents and accordingly communicate with my smart wearable device and accordingly create a mix of exercises for the next day. Which will there by increase employee’s work life balance and create happier employees.

Smart Homes and Home Appliances

Your smart car would inform your house that you are around so that house gates would automatically open for you on arrival; this system will also keep hot water ready for you to take a bath play some relaxing music to help you relieve stress. The smart TV in your house would suggest programs currently being aired and accordingly play one for you with the help of voice commands. Things like these can help us focus on other tasks like wishing a friend on his birthday/anniversary or checking out on ailing relative, etc.

Depending on calorie intake for the day, it would suggest appropriate dinner options for you. Once you are in your bed, it should dim the lightening and gradually switch everything off.

Technology has become so affordable that the change we foresee, we ourselves can make it a part of our lives. The pace at which every product, every company is trying to be a part of the iOS ecosystem, the above scenarios are no more scenes from Star trek prodigy but will be a part of our smart lives that we will be living soon!

Winjit believes the future will revolve a lot around IoT and India has also awakened to the concept of Smart Cities. Winjit is thus working on creative solutions to solve problems faced by day-to-day living.

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