World Beyond Email – Speak Ample and Write Less

In this article I will discuss about World Beyond Email – Speak Ample and Write Less. In our professional and personal life lot of things directly or indirectly boils down to communication

I will explain how you can easily adopt habit of Speaking directly ( through variety of mediums ) rather than long email trails and achieve quick turnaround

What is mean by  World Beyond Email – Speak Ample and Write Less

  • Very simple, we need speak as much as possible and use email for confirmation or agreement or summary
  • This applies to internal or external stakeholders

Why Speak Ample

  • Face to Face communication is highest bandwidth communication
  • We can easily sense body language and gestures to get things done
  • How many times has an email been misunderstood or ignored ? Face to face communication minimize the risk of miscommunication compared to email

Communication Sequence

  • Face to Face
  • If we are doing work in different regions we can have phone call or video call
  • Once we are done with above ways then we can use email for summary only

Hope this helps

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