6 Apps To Make Your Life Simpler

In this humongous sea of activity surrounding us, it is not surprising to find ourselves immersed in cumbersome tasks which bog us down.

Be it the workplace, the social circuit, the fitness centre or your personal space, there are apps out there, free and paid, to better organize your life. But the question is which ones.

That, clubbed with new apps being churned out everyday, it becomes difficult to keep a tab on which ones will serve you best.

So we decided to help you the best way we can. Starting today we will cover 6 apps.


  1. EBSiNotifyEBSiNotify279175

This app helps businesses to quicken the workflow approval process. It notifies managers about pending approvals and helps process them. It is integrated with Oracle e-business suite application.           Know more

  1. mTrackTimepro 


mTrackTimepro is a powerful timesheet application that helps you track time spent on projects/task on a given day with the actual time spent on the job and the pause taken for the given duration, so that you bill the client only for the duration the executive have worked on. Know more


  1. Bogos Good Habits

Untitled bogo

Bogos Good Habits Jigsaw is an app designed to help parents teach their children good habits through a puzzle game. With this app, daunting tasks become easy as parents rest in the knowledge that their child is learning useful habits. Know more

  1. Coke studio @ MTV


Coke Studio is a platform where renowned musicians from various genres get together. This app lets you relax, enjoy the music and share it with friends. Know more

5. Internet Termsunnamed

Ever found yourself struggling with new internet terms or abbreviations while reading an article or during a workplace conversation. This app features the latest terms and abbreviations related to the internet with simplified meanings. It’s like walking around with your own dictionary.  View more


  1. Everyday  Yoga app

2645-1-everyday-yoga-daily-sutrasNo yoga class in the neighbourhood? Here’s your answer. This app features Daily Dynamic Sutras, an intense weekly program to give the body a wake-up call.  With its Power Yoga technique, you are up and rolling everyday. Know more

This brings us to the end of our list. But fret not, for we shall return next week. Try out these fabulous apps in the meanwhile and let us know on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest how well it worked out for you.



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