Battery Life – Bitter’y’ life



So a few years ago, there was talk of convergence, connectivity at homes. Of satellite tv, broadband internet & telephone lines. One single connection and we were mostly sorted.

Then the convergence of convenience started to happen. My good old mobile phone became my email program, and my music system, and my gaming device, and my camera. Phew!

While the ‘convergence’ sounded cool, each bit of added convergence started chipping at the battery life of my phone.

So my smart phone is now essentially a dumb phone which is perennially in need of oxygen, read charge.

Another small little ‘convergence’ – that cool, handy torch app that lets me inside my house while I fiddle with keys in the dark, helps me locate my cinema hall seats and also allows me sometimes to get to the washroom at night, unhurt.

It almost appears that my smartphone is a glorified landline, that is always plugged in. At least the landline does not have a screen that has a “make my cheek hot feature.” Grrr!

I see no solution in sight, I do my best to carry portable charging sticks of various shapes and sizes that prolong my ‘convergence’ experience a wee bit more.

I think its time to live like in the old times. Get back to a SOLID Nokia and have separate devices. Look for my PSP, dust off that old iPod, and get my point and shoot digital camera out from beneath a whole load of wires.
And emails? That the phone can handle if its not doing the other things I guess.


Best of luck guys. The video experience with 4G will be one hell of a ride!

Abhishek Gureja


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