Beacons – Rising Trend in Retail

Beacons are attracting a lot of attention and enhancing client and customer engagement by providing several innovative solutions. Let us see what beacons really are:

Beacons based on Bluetooth 4.0, which is a low-powered transmitter that is equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). They send a unique number to an associate app to intimate a user that it is stepping into the Beacon range. After this, the app sends the user a notification and triggers messages or preforms the assigned action in real time. Beacons are a new way of location-based mapping that can be used for sales, promotions, or operations enhancement. Tech advancements in this field will lead to further innovation for retail segment.


  • Beacons are amazingly useful for retailors, food chains, hotels, malls, education institutions, airports, museums etc.
  • They are simple to install and ideal in detecting smart phones
  • Beacons transfer geo-location, permitting apps to receive and explore the area around it
  • They need to utilize creatively as an advertising tool. Most retailers would like to experience the opportunities that the Beacon technology offers.
iOS Android
Beacons iOS 8 and above OS 4.3 and above
iBeacons (NFC) –  Near Field        Communication
Accuracy Beacons have optimal accuracy NFC is an inconsistent accuracy
Security Based on Unique User IDs, Majors and Minors, beacon network can leverage without prior permission NFC supports encryption and it requires permission from the devices for proper functioning
Easy usage Consumers need to be within the range of a beacon Consumers use a NFC tag to control timing and engagement as it works on Optimal range i.e. >10 cm
Energy Efficiency Majority of beacons are battery powered and last for up to one year NFC does not need power to function
Customer reach Beacons can be more intrusive NFC is less intrusive
Capability Devices needs to support Bluetooth Low Energy NFC supported devices are handful

Here are some benefits of Beacons:

  • Innovative location based tool for promotions
  • Manage messages to be displayed to customers from backend
  • Can reduce the time spent by marketing managers on promotional activities
  • Customers gets easy updates, discounts, offers messages and notifications in real time through this tool
  • Can help enhance sales

Winjit designed a comprehensive enterprise business solutions covering all requirements focusing on outcomes. Winjit’s implementation of the iBeacons helped a retail store record its best footfall in over a year. The application enhancement on the Bluetooth front resulted in serving the right customer at the right time and with the right offers and reward schemes – which massively helped local marketing initiatives and align it with their existing technology orientation.

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