Facebook search and the benefits of Facebook Search

Facebook search

The Multiple Benefits of Facebook Search

Most people have heard about heartwarming stories where people have found long lost loved ones over Facebook. High school sweethearts have reconnected and found true love after decades of being apart. Adopted children have found their biological parents. Separated siblings have had a chance to find each other again. However, the benefits of Facebook search go far beyond reconnecting friends and relatives. Facebook can let those providing services more readily connect with potential clients.

Searching for customers via Facebook

Often, businesses don’t know how to attract their core demographic without spending money attracting people who would be far less likely to buy their product or service. For example, a person who is not engaged is much less likely to hire a wedding photographer in the foreseeable future than a person planning a wedding. Rather than posting pay-per-click (PPC) ads elsewhere on the internet and guessing if a target demographic will see your ad, know that only your target demographic will. Facebook gives businesses the option to post a PPC ad with stipulations based on information found on user profiles (e.g. age and gender).

Facebook’s Graph Search

Facebook’s Graph Search is not a tool used to search the web. Instead, it can be used to search for things that one’s Facebook friends like. USA Today reported that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and other Facebook executives presented Graph Search at an investors meeting. Zuckerberg presented an example of Graph Search in which he could quickly find Mexican restaurants nearby that his Facebook friends liked.

The use of marketing data and search tools

Some claim that tools such as Facebook search are detrimental. However, Facebook search should be seen as a progressive and helpful tool instead of some sort of “Big Brother” entity. Instead of shunning the scary idea of unknown people on the internet, embrace the bigger picture. The ability to effectively find loved ones or the ability to grow your business by finding the right customers can be invaluable.

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