Mobile is Eating the World : Benedict Evans

Benedict Evans is always spot on and theses 2  posts  summaries very well about the Mobile revolution.  (

As Bill Gates said

“We overestimate the Impact of Technology in next 2 years and underestimate the use of Technology in the next 10”

Check this presentations on his Blog Post Mobile is Eating the World


Another Article which covers this above topic in 16 Mobile Thesis

1: Mobile is the new central ecosystem of tech

Each new generation of technology – each new ecosystem – is a step change in scale, and that new scale makes it the centre of innovation and investment in hardware, software and company creation. The mobile ecosystem, now, is heading towards perhaps 10x the scale of the PC industry, and mobile is not just a new thing or a big thing, but that new generation, whose scale makes it the new centre of gravity of the tech industry. Almost everything else will orbit around it.

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