What Can Enterprise Mobility do for Enterprises ?

Enterprise Mobility has become an essential part of doing business for both large and small companies. With worldwide technology becoming more mobile by the minute, in order to keep up with the speed of business, a company must look into using Enterprise Mobility as a method of reducing costs and increasing business profits.

When employees use Smartphones or other mobile devices to keep apprised of business dealings that are happening in real time, fewer mistakes are made and business can be transacted more quickly. Remotely linking to central database information has become necessary in today’s fast-paced world. Employees can become more productive, which can assist in lowering organizational costs. Consider a retail store example.

A customer wishes to make a purchase, but the item size requested is not in stock at that particular branch of the store. If the sales employee must make several phone calls to find out if other branches have the item in stock and then must wait while other employees search the store to determine whether or not the right size is there, quite a bit of time is being wasted. If a customer must wait for a long period of time to get an answer, they are more likely to simply walk away and shop at another store.

Consider the same scenario using Enterprise Mobility. The customer asks about the size, and the employee immediately enters the information into his or her Smartphone, which is connected in real time to the central computer. An immediate answer comes back to the employee as to whether and where the item in question is located. The employee can either send the customer to the other location or put in an immediate request for a delivery of the item to a specific location. If a sale is made, the information is immediately entered into the computer and added to the real-time database.

With corporate business, one may use Enterprise Mobility as a way to reduce the travel costs associated with meeting with clients all over the country or all over the world. With mobile meetings that include video and audio transmissions as well as linked documents, one can see that much more can be done with a mobile meeting at a lower cost than sending an employee to meet and negotiate individually with interested parties. Everyone can be in on the meetings together and plan a cohesive strategy that is mutually beneficial for increased profits.

Another way that cost savings may be realized is by having more employees that work offsite through mobile technology. The building size can be smaller when it is not needed to house a larger number of employees, yet the employees are a still accomplishing their functions because they can connect and access necessary information from anywhere. This is a good way to decrease business expenses. It is important to maintain a handle on the connectivity costs associated with Enterprise Mobility so that the costs don’t outweigh the benefits. By weighing all the pros and cons and by maintaining careful IT control of spending, many businesses are finding that they are doing an excellent job of increasing their profits and reducing their costs by utilizing the available mobile technologies.

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  1. Dev

    Yes, the article has highlighted many aspects by which enterprises can and should adopt mobility to strengthen their workforce efficiency.
    Moreover, this is a journey towards full mobility earlier to which enterprises have spent too much time traveling without a map and its time for them to break the map and get on the road by adopting the right mobile strategy.


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