10 reasons why you should use EBSiNotify over email approvals

Oracle EBSiNotify helps Business to speed up the document approval process improving the overall process efficiency & productivity by facilitating workflow notification approvals using your smartphone.

“What advantages does this App provide over Email approval?, we already approve Notifications from email”

You might get a common question in your minds, here are at least 10 distinctive features of why you should use EBSiNotify over email approvals.

1. You can sort your approval notification by transaction type allowing you to priorities your approvals.

2. Securely connects to your EBS instance and uses your Oracle EBS user credential to login to the App.

3. You do not need turn on your Workflow notifications to send emails, which many times a concern for Organizations.

4. Only shows notifications which are open for your action. Once approved the notification moves out of the queue from the App.

5. Easy access to type Notes before sending the response otherwise is very tedious.

6. Quick access to Notification and details drill down to distribution level.

7. Access the Notification Attachment in real time.

8. You get push notifications when a Notification arrives in your inbox.

9. Separates FYI notification from one which needs action.

10. Great App for Organizations who do allow emails to be send out from Oracle EBS or where Company policy prohibits from having emails on personal Smartphone. The App can be installed on any Smartphone hence best fit with BYOD solution.

Cost benefits:

1. Free away from expensive Oracle middleware and support contracts.

2. Our license cost include Support, New releases, OS upgrades and EBS Upgrades.

3. Free branding as per your Company need.

4. Extremely low cost and low maintenance License model.

With the above features and cost advantages, Oracle EBSiNotify is the perfect fit for most of the organizations using Oracle EBS. All in all a native application to approve workflow notifications from Oracle system using your iPhone/Blackberry /Android/Windows Phone.

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