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The use of Internet has increased more than 11 times in the last 7 years. The number of Internet users since the year 2000 has increased by a staggering 70 times. The Internet is expanding beyond computers and mobile devices are now into consumer goods such as cars, televisions, watches also into enterprise assets such as field equipment. In the era of inevitable of mobile and tablet use businesses now need to revolutionize their business with apps and applications.

With twitter and facebook playing a major role in the globalized economy corporates need to make deliberate efforts to secure a place in the digital world. The four powerful elements: social, mobile, cloud and information are making a continuous change by creating demand and opportunities for advanced digital infrastructure.

The problem is that most enterprises and technology vendors have yet to explore the possibilities of an expanded internet and are not operationally or organizationally ready .Gartner recommends that developers focus on creating expanded user interface models including richer voice and video that can connect people in new and different ways. Apps will continue to grow while applications will begin to shrink as Apps are smaller, and more targeted and convenient.

Imagine all your most important products, services and assets being digitized. The combination of data streams and services created by digitizing four basic fundamentals:


Enterprises should not limit themselves to thinking that only the products have the potential to utilize on this platform.

Enterprises from all types of industries can utilize these four models.

Now comes the era of enterprise mobility.The idea is to make everything available everywhere.The mobility era will mark a powerful shift away from devices toward services. In this new world, the precision of devices will become less significant for the organization to care about. Rather, mobility will take on the lead role. Mobility of the content stored or shared from the cloud will be managed and secured, rather than solely focusing on the device itself.

The consumer will benefit by simplicity, effective cost management and consolidation efficiency.

About Winjit Technologies:

Winjit Technologies – a premier company with proven expertise in Enterprise Mobility. Winjit enables businesses and corporates to adopt mobility as a strategic tool that drives critical business processes.

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