7 Tools to Create your Own Mobile App today


Have you started your own business and need a mobile app to reach your customers?

Or, do you want a simple customized app to keep track of your daily routine?

Or, do you intend to make your own gaming app?

Well, if so, here we are with 7 must have tools that will not only help you to create your very own mobile apps, but also help you manage them.

These user-friendly tools target multi-platform mobile and web applications as well. Whatever be their specifics, all we need to know is they have been designed with utmost precision and are aimed at getting your mobile application development project up and running quickly without being much of a headache.

  1. Alpha Anywhere


Also rated #1 by developers, Alpha Anywhere is famous for developing rapid multi-platform web as well as mobile apps with a low-coding feature. This tool has an SQL database support which allows you to rapidly build good quality apps, with surprisingly a robust performance and native like look and feel with features such as accessing apps for large amounts (gigabytes) of data with compression, viewing cached media offline and creating large numbers of photos, audio files, and video, even when you don’t have connectivity.

  1. App Press

Don’t be afraid if you know, NO coding at all. This Web-based, app creator targets mainly the iOS and Android applications. Aimed at amateurs, App Press has a Photoshop-like user interface for gathering screens from visual assets, via layers. On the back end, this tool is anonymous in using the Amazon cloud-based service and platform. In a nutshell, this tool provides you with all that you need to produce your first app in a day and that with experience, a minimum of five apps per day with no coding experience at all!

  1. Como

Running a restaurant or a delivery cartel? This might just be the best suited tool for you as it is a three-in-one app maker that lets you create, promote, and manage your business as this app now lets you afford a top-tier Customer Loyalty Management Solution by various management tools such as in-app purchases that help your end customers to place orders and also track their deliveries. It provides user friendly app making features such as including a collection of themes, icons, colours, and layouts to help build professional-looking apps.

  1. Appsbar

    create iphone app

Solely for business purposes, Appsbar, which is supported by a team of developers is a completely free must have too. It lets you create native apps, for the Android, HTML5, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry devices. Its features include-

  • Helping you choose from one of 37 app categories including restaurant, salon, general business, gym, finance and more.
  • Packing your app with features such as menu choices, social links, and multimedia.
  • Submitting your app automatically for publishing in you respective app stores.

It is no doubt quite economical in terms of your business investment as you basically pay nothing to create or publish your app.

  1. Appy Pie

So, you say you are a blogger or a photographer with plenty of your stuff to be shared? Do you have a tech blog ? Appy Pie just might be the app for you. It is a do-it-yourself app builder that lets you use its drag-and-drop platform to create your professional looking apps. It covers all major devices and platforms. Bot only does it help you build, but also automatically publishes your apps to their respective app stores with features including push notifications, social media and blog integration, photo galleries, and sharing capabilities so that you can stay connected to your users and followers.

  1. Gamesalad


Making your own gaming app may seem a bit difficult, but yes, it is possible with this famous drag-and-drop app builder which enables you to make a strong gaming app. All you have to do is download the GameSalad tool. Its features such as loading sound effects and music at the click of a button, drag and drop behaviors, asking for assistance at any time, help you create your own gaming applications and that too within a short span as in an hour.

7.     Appsme

Not running any business, but want to make an app for your own needs? Well, this simple to use online app creator, allows everyone to build their own respective customizable applications for any smartphone platform by making use of native apps for Android and iOS.

The difficulty and cost of mobile app development has always been a concern for innovative companies, but these mobile programming tools definitely give business users and developers a fast track to mobile app success.

If you need any help with creating any mobile apps for your business, contact us today.

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