BugClipper – Clip Bugs. Work Faster

Introducing BugClipper for iOS – Coming soon for Android

Reporting bugs to the developers has always been cumbersome for the testers of mobile applications. The same scenario was vivid at our firm and as well as an inherent need at Bearshop. Winjit Technologies already had a framework ready for clipping bugs an easier way and with a partnership between the two, the story was took ahead => We developed BugClipper to clip bugs and Work Faster.

Developer and Tester

BugClipper is a plug n play library designed to enhance your app. It lets you capture screen shots, highlight issues & record screen activity with just one tap.



Bug Clipper

Reporting bugs has never been so easy.

For more information and downloading bugclipper visit www.bugclipper.com

You can also download your free trial by clicking here

Have a look at how BugClipper works:


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