Building the Apple Eco-system with Yosemite

1 OSXThe tradition that started a year ago continued. The developer bus drove to different corners of California in search of a name for the new OSX. While the likes of Oxnard & Weed did impress, the developers gave us OSX- Yosemite. Here is a brief look at some of the new features that it has to offer.

The new “Look”

  • Apple has finally answered the prayers of late night coders with a brand new “Dark” mode
  • Your windows and dock are now translucent giving it a better aesthetic
  • Better designed toolbars giving larger interface field
  • Enjoy the new icons giving you a fresher perspective

2 Look

Notification Centre:

  • New Today view giving you a customized view of the information you want
  • Add widgets &  third party apps to your today view

3 calls

Messages and Calls:

  • Now you can even integrate your non iPhone messages with your Mac
  • Can’t find your phone? Use your Mac as a speaker phone
  • Make calls from your Mac or iOS via Wifi even without a cell phone signal


4 markup


  • Send larger files over the mail without having to worry about space via Mail Drop
  • Annotate important files without having to leave the mail thanks to Mark-up
  • Access your inbox while composing your message

5 handoff


  • Possibly the most distinguishing feature that has been developed this year
  • Hand-off enables you to pick up from where you left off across all your apple devices seamlessly
  • All your files, all your data is now available across all your devices

Impressed? I haven’t even mentioned the best part. Apple is going to launch the new OSX absolutely free. It is even inviting non-developers to join an OSX- Beta program to help improve features of Yosemite before the actual launch. I can’t wait to join the program. What about you?

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