Freemium Model – The Surest way to end Piracy!

“When the supply of a product increases, the demand for its complementary products also increases.”

Freemium model describes a business model where you give a core product away for free and sell premium Products. Since additional distribution of a free product costs close to nothing, the success of a Freemium business will increase with the number of people using it.

By actively promoting your product, you make sure that more people get to know about it – which will lead to more users. If the free product is indeed a quality product that people want, it will generate a lot of Attention. The generous nature of Freemium fits very well with the emerging field of social media too.

While Freemium is mainly adopted as a way of making money, it also has effects on the surrounding society. It can be a small step towards a better world. It puts knowledge and tools in the hands of people who could not otherwise afford it and thereby fending off Piracy.

Contrary to what some people may think Freemium is not a form of socialism. Freemium is a business model, employed with an objective to tackle piracy head on!!!

The menace of Piracy could be surely tackled by switching to Freemium models, thereby removing price barriers for people to access products online. If it is hard to access your free product it exposes itself to piracy; and people would surely look for pirated versions.

Instead of calling Freemium a marketing stunt, I would define it as a business model with integrated viral potential and a surest way to end PIRACY!!!

How to end Mobile App Piracy; would surely be a trending topic at the MWC 2013. We at Winjit Technologies, during our participation at biggest mobile arena, would be rooting for adopting the Freemium Model as a surest way to end PIRACY! 

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