Apps monetization in India. The Challenges?

Apps are the new wave of software that consumers seem to have a particular affinity for. You need to think about how to monetize your app. Unfortunately, monetizing in the app eco-system is quite confusing & challenging!

By far the biggest challenge is getting your app discovered. The app marketplaces are incredibly crowded, with 1000s of new apps being added every single day.

For In-app advertising; the costs per click are very much lower as compared to desktops for same amount of traffic. Also there is no one ad network that completely dominates and alot of your ad-requests go unfilled. Wrong Ad exposure too leaves the users annoyed & in a very bad taste.

The other surprising thing most app developers discover is that there are 100s of alternative app stores out there, so the target consumer market gets scattered out.

The Right Ad Placement Strategy is of utmost importance if you want to generate significant revenue. Also there is a lack of awareness when it comes to in-app billing. A handful of users are not familiar with the various billing mechanism to pay for their mobile applications.

I would conclude by saying that the best approach for monetization is more of an art than science. At the biggest Mobile conference stage, Winjit Technologies during its participation at MWC 2013 would be inclined to explore the art towards App Monetization in India and overcoming the challenges.

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