In-app advertising. Is it for real or is it a bubble waiting to burst?

With users displaying a big appetite for mobile applications, marketers have taken notice and are increasingly looking for ways to reach audiences. Recent developments suggest that in-app ads may not be working in all instances and ad performance-driven companies like eBay, Facebook are stepping back from in-app advertising. It’s likely that they are not getting the degree of response.

It raises the bar for mobile marketers to build a better solution for in-app advertising that more effectively connects with consumers and provides them with incentive to interact with the brands advertising.

The two key issues hampering are the relatively low cost of mobile ads and the challenges delivering ads on small Smartphone screens without negatively impacting the user experience.

User experience plays a key role if gone wrong an in-app ad can feel highly interruptive and even annoying. Marketers need to think about how to leverage the unique characteristics of the mobile platform and mobile users to create marketing strategies that drive engagements.

Done right, in-app marketing can really deliver. One way that is working for some brands is to sponsor rewards inside Freemium apps. Also offering a reward for engaging with an in-app ad is another tactic worth exploring.

Going forward, marketers are likely to continue to look for ways to improve in-app advertising as apps deliver an overall higher quality advertising platform than the mobile Web.

Winjit Technologies believes that the key will be keeping the user experience at the core of development plans and insuring that ad units add value to the user.

As MWC 2013 would be the new home for Mobile world for a week, Winjit Technologies during its participation at the event, would be cheering for better user experience & thereby adding value for In-App Advertisers.

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