Google Maps Allows you to Play Pac-Man!

Pac-man is a very familiar term for any gamer. It was first launched and played nearly for 35 years and since thren its popularity has not faded.
This April fools’ day, Google maps released the gamified version of Pac-man to celebrates the 30th anniversary of the most famous game.
Play Pac-man on your streets and your city.
Just go on and click on the bottom left pac-man icon and see your street transform into an classic arcade game.
Navigate and select any area, India has lots of tangled streets so that would be more fun, and the amusement begins.
Who can get bored so hours of eating dots and avoiding the ghosts?
If there are not enough roads at a given site, the game cannot be played, and google alerts you that“it looks like Pac-Man can’t play here.”
Ready to play?

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