Nashik- Ready For Mahakumbh

Mahakumbh Nahik

Kumbh Mela is a mass Hindu pilgrimage of faith and includes the most significant event the Shahi Snan or ritual bathing at  the banks of the Godavari river and additional activities consists of devotional singing, religious conferences, mass feeding for visitors etc..The scientific consensus of Kumbh Mela happens when planet Jupiter and the Sun falls on the zodiac sign, Leo. This Mela is held at Trimbakshwar which is one of holy town of Nashik and is one of the Jyotirlinga.  It is predicted that for the year 2015, Nashik  will host  to 80 million visitors from around the world.

Nashik Kumbh Mela starts from 14th July and ends to 25th September. Below are the details  of auspicious days:

  • 14th July 2015 (Tuesday): Flag hoisting of the main ceremony at Ram Kunda
  • 14th August 2015 (Friday): Flag hoisting of the Akhara at Sadhugram
  • 26th August 2015 (Wednesday): Shravan Shudha- First Snan
  • 29th August 2015 (Saturday): Shravan Purnima – First Shahi Snan at Ram Kunda
  • 13th September 2015 (Sunday): Bhadrapad Amavasya – Second Shahi Snan/ main bathing day
  • 18th September 2015 (Friday): Bhadrapad Shukla Panchmi (Rushipanchami) – Third Shahi Snan
  • 25th September 2015 (Friday): Bhadrapad Shukla Dwadashi – Vaman Dwadashi Snan

In 2015 Modern Day, Nashik is getting ready to welcome a mass Hindu pilgrimages, saints and sadhus from every corner of our country,  gather to take bathe in the sacred river Godavari. Kumbh Mela  has the perception of being  a peaceful gathering according to a worldwide view. Kumbh Mela is held after every 12 years in Nashik and  has been looked as an incredible festival season for Maharashtra and people in India in general.

Now, here comes a big challenges with big crowd. Many challenges like stamped, hygiene, drinking water, Safety Issue in 6000 acres of tented camps and public amenities. The most important ones of above these is identification challenge.

To avoid such problem at time of mass fest, MIT Students, with the support of developers across the country and abroad gathered and focused on combining technology usage for effective management with traditional mass religious gathering. Kumbhathon bring the likes of MIT intellectuals, Business Executives, Government associates and Nashik based Enterprises together to tackle the challenges faced in Mass gathering , and Winjit is a proud contributor by partaking in this movement of Kumbhathon. Winjit will actively look for solutions for “Pop-Up city” problems and contribute to ideas and innovations for the  Kumbhathon.


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