International Women’s Day @ Winjit

International Women’s Day is a worldwide event that celebrates various roles played by women in different spheres of life. It is a way of showing gratitude to women, personally or professionally.

To celebrate this special day, the HR team in Winjit started looking for ideas on how to make this year’s celebration different and bigger.
The main motive was to give all ladies a break from work, appreciate their contribution, make them feel special and give them a memorable evening.

The event started with a short GK quiz, although it sounds boring I could not hold my stomach back listening to the answers and the logic ladies applied to come to those answers. Our dear Komal and Riya had a tough time asking ladies not to whisper any answers (How realistic it is to gather 40 ladies and ask them to keep silence? 😀 ;))

What came next was a complete surprise to all of us. Two ladies entered the lawn wearing Zumba Costumes. At first I thought they soon will be followed by there team and we would enjoy the dance. But in few seconds, we realized that they were going to do Zumba workshop for us! (Extra work on women’s day? we were supposed to rest!!). Nevertheless, seeing Mrs Anisha who was 9 months up still full of energy commenced with the workshop. We also started with her, following her steps. I must say it was first time in these years I saw all ladies dancing together, laughing and enjoying the music!

We had mixed reactions, some of them were too sincere to match every step with the trainer, some too casual no matter what the instructor says they will dance their own and some just standing and laughing watching others.

The atmosphere which was created cannot be expressed in words!

To conclude the Women’s day celebration, every single lady in the office had a wonderful evening. I just wish, many more such ‘Women Only’ events to be celebrated with more fun in coming years.

Kudos to all the members who helped in making this evening special and memorable!

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