iOS 8 – Beauty in simplicity


Every consecutive iOS update has seen apple strive to rejuvenate the user experience. While iOS 7 saw a complete makeover from its previous versions, Apple has managed to “wow” its fans again.

The meticulous details that go a long way in defining the joy of using iOS have all been worked upon to bring together this beautifully simple, yet significantly adaptive operating system.

Apple has touched upon all its key features like messages, photos, notifications to name a few and at the same time enforced the apple ecosystem by offering Integration across all devices.


     1. Messaging. More fun. More ease

  • Now you can create threads and send group messages
  • Swipe up to send voice messages or directly share a video you are recording
  • Share your location easily



2. The keyboard just got smarter !

  • It gives suggestions based on the context of your messages; basically helping you complete your sentences
  • The keyboard knows if you are typing a message or a mail, giving respectively appropriate suggestions


  1. Family sharing
  • Offers common purchases for apps, songs & books across all shared devices
  • Sharing locations, photos, calendar events with loved ones is simplified






4.   HomeKit: Making life simpler

  • Integrate control of your home appliances with your devices


  1. Health
  • This new feature holds promise of taking a giant leap in healthcare
  • It integrates all apps which monitor your vitals, providing a common platform to show all the information together


6.  Touch ID

  • Now other app developers can use your fingerprint for authentication


  1. Device integration
  • Apple has been working on integrating the user experience across all its devices, iOS 8 comes with some very significant changes like:

o   Answering calls on your  Mac/iPad

o   Sending messages through your Mac/iPad



  1. Spotlight
  • The spotlight search is optimized to:

o   Search not just the phone but also the internet

o   Searching a movie shows both availability on iTunes and movies playing in                           theatres nearby


Apart from these the iOS 8 offers a plethora of features which will surely make the user experience more enjoyable, customizable and interactive. Apple has ensured the developers get a platform to bring apps to the customers which will make complete use of the opportunities offered by iOS 8.

Apple continues to woo its fans by making the operating system more intuitive & adaptive while maintaining the simplicity of the design.

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