MTN Cameroon implements EBS iNotify & gets Workflow Notification from Oracle EBS to SmartPhone

Turnaround Time has dropped and Work rolls faster

About the Client:

MTN Cameroon, a subsidiary of the MTN Group – a multinational & leading telecom company based in South Africa and having its presence in 21 countries operates across Middle East and Africa. MTN Cameroon is leader of the mobile telephony market in Cameroon. It was created on 15 February 2000, following acquisition of the Camtel Mobile licence by the MTN South African group. MTN network is present in the 10 Regions of Cameroon and covers close to 84% of the country’s population as well as assures continuous service in all administrative units of above 50 000 inhabitants.

Business Need:

Being a MNC, large amount of decisions, transactions and orders are executed. Their workforce was increasingly becoming mobile making a need to provide a mobile interface to access their financial system and enable the review and approval of financial documents using mobile technologies.

MTN have been using Oracle EBS as their preferred ERP system for their business proceedings with a smooth process however with a large organization comes greater responsibilities wherein turnaround time plays a major role.

The main objective was to improve the availability of the approval process by enabling managers to approve “on the fly” the assigned Oracle financial documents regardless of his location and his mobile device.


Some of the challenges faced for this project were:

  • Communicating with the Blackberry Enterprise server.
  • Viewing of attachments because Oracle EBS 11.5.10 does not support direct fetching of attachments like the way Oracle EBS R12 does.

Our Solution:







Winjit’s solution, EBS iNotify is helping MTN Cameroon to speed up the document approval process and overall process efficiency and productivity by facilitating Workflow Notification Approvals using smartphones. The project kicked off on 25th of April and was deployed on 30th of May.

EBS iNotify has features as below:

–        Fully Integrated with Oracle e-business suite.

–        Notifications cover Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Payable Invoices, Journal approvals and Expense Approvals.

–        The App gives you access to full range of EBS Workflow Notifications functionality.

–        Ability to add new Transaction Types as per need of the Organization.

–        Product can be offered in multiple languages.

As per the need of MTN Cameroon the transaction types used are:

–        Purchase Requisition

–        Payable Invoice

–        Purchase Order

–        Journal Approval



This mobility solution has reduced the turnaround time, and improved the overall efficiency for the transaction processes carried out at MTN Cameroon. Decision Making is a critical area, and EBSiNotify totally compliments it and large organizations like MTN Cameroon is able to fast track the process and improve outputs resulting into overall efficiency. The product was delivered quality ensured and there was always scheduled progression.

Roland Bah, Application Manager at MTN Cameroon shared, “Entire experience working with Winjit Technologies has been very comfortable and hassle-free. Regular interactions with them and being always aware of progress made us plan the release schedule appropriately. We had Oracle EBS environment and had difficulties in approval and documentation because of the more turnaround time that was required, Winjit came in and have delivered us a solution that has made the processes faster and mobile.

MTN is a technology driven company and has a strong IT strategy in place. We would like to deploy EBS iNotify for more users in the long run because it is a very handy solution and shall be fruitful for all the employees.”

About Winjit:

Founded in 2003, Winjit is one of the fast-growing information technology companies in India. Winjit is truly global software company with business partners present in USA, UK, South Africa, France & Namibia. Winjit Technologies has a proven track record of successful development and implementation of solutions on different technologies for a variety of customers. Till date Winjit has satisfactorily served more than 500 customers involving leading Fortune 500 companies across 44 countries.

Winjit offers complete range of software services from consultancy, design, development, testing to software support. Winjit’s Enterprise Mobility products and services are key strategic tool for organizations. Headquartered in Nashik, our development centres follow ISO 900 certified processes. Our experience since last ten years has helped us adopt best practices in the IT industry. We strictly adhere to these practices at every stage of project life cycle ensuring robust & quality software solutions for our clients.

Links for the Application:

For iOS Click here

For Android Click here

For Blackberry 10 Click here

For Blackberry 5, 6, 7 Click here

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