Ubuntu – AN OS Platform

We are living in era of smartphones, tablets and Phablets. World is changing across all mobility platforms considering OS platforms as iOS, JAVA, Android etc. A next change in this platform which is coming on smartphones is called “UBUNTU”.

Ubuntu is an operating system based on Linux Platform, a free operating system. One of the meanings of ubuntu can be found as “humanity towards others”.


As per survey done in 2012, Ubuntu is most popular linux operating system. It is pretty famous on desktops as well as on laptops. It is also considered as a base platform on servers and cloud computing.

Ubuntu now fits to your smartphones as well.

Development of Ubuntu is led by Canonical, Ltd., a UK-based company owned by South African entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth (wiki reference).

Ubuntu is having its variants as follows

  1. 1.       Ubuntu Desktop
  2. 2.       Ubuntu Server
  3. 3.       Ubuntu TV
  4. 4.       Ubuntu for Android
  5. 5.       Ubuntu Touch

And here are some Features:

Online search

Generally our search is limited to desktop, laptop or a device but the Dash does more than just search your computer – it can search your online accounts too.

Messaging and calls

Read and reply to incoming SMS messages from the desktop, using Ubuntu’s message indicator. You can also make and receive calls via the desktop — and you’ll be alerted to voicemails so you can manage them while you work.


Default applications:


Default applications_ubuntu

Default applications_ubuntu

For details click here 

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