iOS 7 to Android 4.2, Windows Phone, Blackberry 10

iOS 7

iOS 7

Apple revealed iOS 7 at the WWDC 2013. With its buzz and the features disclosed let us compare the iOS 7 which is in store for us with the existing other operating systems already out in the market.

Tim Cook exclaimed that iOS 7 is the biggest change since the introduction of iPhone. So it seems goodies are packed in iOS 7, does that prove a threat to others or not shall be concluded post the feature analysis below:

iOS 7 Android 4.2 Windows Phone Blackberry 10
Notification Center Detailed Notifications (quite similar to iOS 7) Live Tiles Blackberry hub
Automatic App Updates Optional Update All Individual
MultiTasking Preview Recent List MultiTasking Preview Active frames grids
Control Center Yes No System Access
Password Protected Reset
Photos grouping via location, years Albums, filters Albums Albums, acc to recent
Camera modes – Surfaced Variable Third part lens Time Shift modes, video
In Dash Integration S Drive Nokia Drive Third Party
iTunes Radio Google Play Music Xbox Music Store Third party Apps


Well all those features are said and yes features like translucency, multitasking, password protection, localized download of apps etcetra does make iOS 7 better but then the question arises, iOS 7 is the latest of all so it ought to have that slight edge over others, but with key lime pie, the successor of Jelly Bean in the picture, technology will always have that neck to neck competition. What’s good for the developers, consumers is the newer technology that comes with growth.

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