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Winjit Digital Publishing (WDP) is a leading Premium App Dev & Content Strategy outfit with a large entertainment & multi media Apps portfolio. WDP develops across all modern mobile and tablet platforms. It has been featured in ‘NEXT BIG WHAT’ for its unique and ground breaking strategy in building consumer apps.

Next Big What article_WDP

Next Big What article_WDP

We are well aware that digital content has emerged as a new buzz word and the most effective form of advertisement. Winjit Digital Publishing ties up with content providers and provides monetization of consumer content and is a one stop solution for brands. WDP provides

–          content creation and licensing,

–          Creative product placement and app development

–          distribution through technology tools like

–           social media

–           mobile applications


Abhishek Gureja, Director of Winjit Digital Publishing in the post shared, “Buyers go where they see value. You can’t build a store and wait for people to come and look for hanuman chalisa or 100 ganesha songs. Across different platforms, the digital publishing division has seen 19 million downloads already. Applications on health and wellness and kids animation sell a lot.”

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WDP apps

WDP apps


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