WWDC 2013 – Major Announcements

WWDC 2013, the talk of the techies had breathtaking major announcements:

1. Introduction to Anki – Launching an iOS first time today with goal of bringing artificial intelligence and robotics into our daily lives.

2.OS X Mavericks – (the 10th OS X) Finder Windows, the windowing system OS X uses will have windows that can be dragged and dropped on top of each other. Files can be tagged, there are finder tabs and multiple displays that truly seem to be user friendly and letting us reduce the turnaround time to a major extent.

OS X Mavericks WWDC 2013

OS X Mavericks WWDC 2013

3. Advanced technologies in Mavericks:

  • Features that address and improve battery life.
  • Now can compress inactive memory in place.
  • Safari wherin all bookmarks are stored has a reading list wherin without using the mouse one can jump from a story to other
  • Safari uses less memory and less energy.
  • iCloud Keychain – Passwords can be synced to the iCloud account.
  • iMessage Notification – Reply to the notifications right within the notification.
  • OS X appstore automatically updates apps in the background.
  • New calender and a maps app.
  • iBooks now comes with Mac – 1.8Million books on the iBook store.

4. Macbook Air:  Comes with all day battery life, new Intel 4th Gen chip and 40% faster graphic performance

5. iWork for iCloud – The fastest ever growing cloud server will have iWork which will allow to create, edit documents in the browser.

6.iOS 7 : New Interface and new features

iOS 7

iOS 7

  • Design goes flatter
  • New lock screen
  • A volume slider
  • Translucent keyboard shows content behind it
  • UI responds to the gyroscopic movement
  • New weather App
  • Multi tasking for all apps
  • Intelligent scheduling
  • Unified search bar
  • Camera having built in filters.

An exciting day for the audience it has been and Apple has made the event lively filled with technology updates and new operating systems with updated features.

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