WWDC – The talk of the techie town

Crowd WWDC13

Crowd WWDC13

The event for which tickets are sold in less than a jiffy, just got over with quite a few announcements. WWDC – It is extravagantly followed and has fans across all over the globe. The love for iOS, Mac, Apple as a whole and Technology on a large perspective is seen right here at WWDC – 2013.

With a cool jacket given to all attendees, and everyone badged up Tim Cook released news after news at the WWDC 2013. The 24th WWDC having developers from 60+ countries with 60% people attending WWDC first time in their lives was expected to be exciting and filled with surprises and that’s how it was.

Some crunching nos shared by Tim Cook:

Tim Cook at WWDC 13

Tim Cook at WWDC 13

‘We have over 6 million people developers working with Apple, with over a million of those in the last year ‘

‘Tens of thousands of school kids pick the local Apple store for their school fieldtrips’

‘Users have now downloaded 50 Billion apps from the App Store’

‘We have 375,000 apps that have been built *just* for the ipad, and 575 Million accounts linked to the app store. We have more accounts with credit cards than any store on the internet, as far as we know’

‘We are incredibly proud to announce that we have now paid developers $10 Billion dollars’

‘$5 Billion of that was in the last year alone. In context, that’s 3X than all other platforms combined’

Ain’t those quite some numbers?

Keynote WWDC - Tim Cook

Keynote WWDC – Tim Cook

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