Revolution In Gaming

Games ! The first thing that comes in our mind is mobile games , video games and PC games but when was the last time you remember truly enjoying it ?

Today get your gaming mojo on because its time to bust the stress with some gaming !

Revolution in technology also bring revolution in Gaming!

Games are an integral part of all societies. Like work and relationships, they are an expression of some basic part of the human nature. There will barely be a person who has never tried a hand with games!

Games likes Dice games, Tile games, Board games were part of human history as early as in 16th century. In 19th Century video games comes into picture which changed overall format of gaming.

In 1940 Edward U. Condon designed a computer for the Westinghouse display at the World’s Fair that plays the traditional game Nim where players tried to avoid picking up the last match. Tonnes and thousands of people enjoyed it, even though the computer won at least 90% of the games. In 1952, A. S. Douglass created OXO (a game known as noughts and crosses in United Kingdom and tic-tac-toe in  United States) on Cambridge’s EDSAC computer as part of his research on human-computer interactions.
In 1954, Programmers at New Mexico’s Los Alamos laboratories, the birthplace of the atomic bomb, develop the first blackjack program on an IBM-701 computer.

Video game fans go bananas over Nintendo’s Donkey Kong even today, featuring a character that would become world-famous: Jumpman. Never heard of him? That’s because he’s better known as Mario—the name he took when his creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, made him the star of a later game by Nintendo which came into being in 1981.

The video games industry experienced its first major hit in the early 1980s when publishing houses appeared, with many businesses surviving 20+ years, such as Electronic Arts—alongside fly-by-night operations that cheated the games’ developers. While some early 1980s games were simply clones of existing arcade titles, the relatively low publishing costs for personal computer games allowed for bold and unique games.

Present And Future

Over the past decade, there are lots of new things happened in gaming industry; we now have powerful consoles like PS4, XBox 720 etc; super cool gadgets like Kinect which enable us to play hardcore game with ease with maximum fun. Games are now more realistic and have natural movements which gives better feel for player.

Worth to mention, Mobile Gaming Industry is now bigger industry than ever . Here are few reasons which makes Mobile Gaming industry big and successful.

  • Thousands of Apps Available in Market: Lots of developers are creating games and we see new games added every day to App Stores. This is mainly because 3 billion smart phone users are using there phone for just for playing games which gets the developers handful money . Successful games like Candy Crush and Flappy Bird made millions of dollars!
  • Variety of Games: Mobile is portable device containing high quality touch sensors and accelerometer widened the scope for developers for innovative games .
  • Ease of playing: Playing mobile games is relatively easy and you can play while laying on your bed. This makes game playing relatively easy irrespective of the time and place !
  • Multiplayer games: Even in mobile we can play multiplayer games at ease; and  internet being defacto on most of mobile devices there is no problem with connectivity!
  • Even big games are available on Mobile: Mobile gaming do not mean only small, casual games. We can even have large games like FIFA available on mobile platforms.

Surely in near future we can see even more revolutions like, real 3D games using devices such as ‘Oculus Rift’. This will make gaming more interesting. So lets wait and hope for best!

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