Rise of iOS – 6 – Review

Everyone knows that Apple has become the messiah of technology and WWDC is the modern day mecca for techno freaks.  A pilgrimage to this mecca is a must added feature in the calendar of events.

For those who could not catch up this festival via any medium and are finding themselves lost in a plethora of new terms – fear not, Winjit Canvas is the right place where you can do the catching up and not let your innovation thoughts get caught up in a time wrap.

So let us try to know what all are the new features in iOS 6 which would be a feature in most of your iPhones and iPads (minus iPad 1 – the first generation is now on its way to R.I.P)

Features of iOS 6

iPhone has a very good Phone feature amongst smartphones

Well a phone is supposed to allow people to talk with each other.  However, this is something that has become a secondary feature in the age of smartphones.  Always wondered on how it could be made smarter – iOS 6 does it.  With the new upgraded phone ‘app’ of iOS 6 you can do a ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode that will not trouble you.  You can set predefined messages which would automatically be sent to the user without you having to open the message app and do a multitasking sort of thing.  Moreover, reminders (based on location and time) that will remind on a call back is also set.  Phone calling has become smarter and more dumb proof

Apple Maps – The last straw relationship with Google has been done and dusted

Apple has entered the world of maps in its own style.  This was the missing piece of the Apple juggernaut for supremacy.  Apple has come up and caught up with the well matured technology of Google maps.  With the only exception of streetview, iOS 6 provides everything in mapping; you name it – 3D maps, turn by turn navigation and maps data provided by Tom Tom.  Moreover maps are integrated with Yelp reviews just adding that element of social networking on mapping.

Social Networking – Joining the best – Twitter and Facebook sharing the same room

There is no doubt social media revolution took place only because of smartphone revolution.  Twitter integration was a big hit in iOS 5.  Facebook with its new found ‘problematic star’ status of late has found an friend in iOS 6.  Facebook is finally integrated with depth of imagination with iOS 6.  Apart from conventional posts on facebook, iOS 6 has extended the like feature to its App Store.  So if someone likes an App on the appstore, that comes on your facebook posts.

Siri – Poster Boy of Apple 

Siri which has been the poster boy for iPhone is now more smarter.  You can open apps with Siri – just say Open Temple Run and play the game.  It remains to be seen to what degree of APIs are provided for developer integration with their apps.  Trying to envision the rumor which said – Steve Jobs always envisioned an iCar.  Siri is now being embedded onto different cars.  Well now we guess is the beginning of smart cars.  Siri – is also now available on the iPad.

Passbook – No more loyalty driven apps

Loyalty based apps contribute a big percentage in the App Store.  With Passbook coming up, you can consolidate all the QR Codes, discount codes, search for schemes at one place – Passbook

iOS 6 – Specially made for China?

If you cant beat them, join them.  Apple with its fascination for China – has gone one step further and has integrated all the Chinese behemoths in its team.  China specific apps like Baidu, Youku and Tudou are deeply integrated.  So if you have an app idea that is China specific – dont forget to leverage this feature.


Apple has driven the smartphone evolution.  The wars between Google and Apple which started with mobile platforms has now extended to browser and mapping.  Smartphones has definitely created a technology era.





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