Apple v/s Google war intensifies

They were the best friends with Microsoft being common enemy.  Five years down the line – the rivalry intensifies.  The areas where they compete include

  • Operating System Wars: The ever famous thermonuclear war has just intensified.  Its now iOS 6 v/s Ice Cream Sandwich.  The operating system wars has now extended from smartphones to desktops to laptops to CARS!!!! With Apple firing the first salvo with its Siri integration with different cars, there will be definitely be a whole range of Android driven cars!!!! Finally this rivalry is resulting into innovation in automobile sector!!
  • Browser Wars: Google Chrome has been the star for the desktop browsers.  Apple has revamped its Safari browser with Chrome features like common space for URL and search.  Offline capability has greatly been enhanced.
  • Maps: This is another war brewing up. Apple has now come up with its own maps.  Except for streetview, it is providing all features what Google has been providing  over these years.  Well now we will start hearing different features of viewing a map
  • China Strategy: This is something where Google was caught up in the world of contradictions.  With its free v/s evil philosophy and its inability for its search engine to come into play in China, Apple has quietly partnered with Chinese giants like Baidu and has set up the ball rolling for addressing the Chinese market.

Different warfare tactics in the modern era.  Lets hope innovation builds up and in no way suffers with this intense rivalry

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