Role of Technology in Security

Security is an aspect that cannot be compromised with. All business organizations host their own security systems. They mostly include:

  • Gas and smoke sensors
  • CCTV cameras
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Burglar alarm system

These systems seem to have one loophole- the lack of unified monitoring. And that is where technology contributes. Technology is what helps modify the output of a security system in a way that it alerts an organization more promptly. Thus with the help of technology we get a boost in security through various ways.

Technology Improves Security Via Internet Of Things

Internet Of Things (IOT) is the latest technology that is being used in boosting every new invention. This stands true for security systems too. Using a microcontroller like Arduino or Raspberry Pi, the output of every system is connected separately to a centralized server. This server is monitored automatically over high-speed Internet. In the case of a breach in security, the server immediately sends signals to the organization.

Technology Helps In Better Networking

Sometimes, it may so happen that an individual is harmed due to lack of knowledge about a building fire or any other attack. The lack of knowledge could be due to them being in a closed door meeting or any other reason that caused them to miss an important security alarm. This can be avoided using technology. If the security systems are collectively monitored via a server, then the phone IP addresses of every employee can be connected to the server creating a vast network. Therefore in the face of an emergency, everyone will get the security alerts at the same time.

Technology Helps In Better Conduction Of Safety Training

An important part of security is proper safety training. Technology plays a major role in this case. If fire drills and other training are to be conducted, instead of doing them manually, a modified alarm system can be used on a periodic basis. This modified alarm can an indication of when to start the evacuation. It can also be a digitized voice instruction of the steps to be followed according to the type of security breach. All of this can be programmed in a centralized system.

Technology Improves Travel Security

Devices like anti-theft and anti-kidnap systems monitored via GPS signals are essentials to ensure travel security. On receiving GPS signals, the organization can track the situation better and take the appropriate steps to protect its executives and valuable assets. Technology has been a boon for companies who provide travel security services.

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