Third WCL goes Bigger and Better

Winjit Cricket League (WCL) has always had its own buzz around Winjitians and the enthusiasm just makes it better. The annual cricket festival WCL is celebrated with great zeal and has everything and anything about cricket coming along with it. WCL 2013, the third edition of a must attend cricket event was seen to be more bigger and better this year. Played on 9th and 10th February at Nashik Cricket Academy Ground of Mahatma Nagar, WCL had four Men teams from Winjit, two female teams from Winjit and 1 Men Team from Lucid Lane – Partner Company.

wcl cup

The most exciting part of the event of auctioning players commenced two months prior the event, experienced at Winjit’s terrace was an event in itself. The auctioning saw players divided into two classes, viz CLASS A (the better players, who play and practice regularly and have seen them play) and CLASS B (the better players, but who don’t practice or we have not seen them play). After the auctioning and players division, the four teams namely

  • Winjit Avengers
  • Winjit Rockers
  • Winjit Smashers
  • Winjit Vanquishers

were all set for practice and entering the battleground. The same was seen for Women teams involving two teams viz Winjit Blossoms and Winjit Angels. After every weekend practices by all the teams saw Winjit’s partners and clients from all over the globe to view the exciting matches on the D-Day. The music played by DJ and the young Winjitians grooving on the popular “The Gangnam Style” just added to the exciting matches. With 40 sixes hit all over the ground and smashing fours added to the beauty of cricket. Peter Hearne from Pastec, Namibia; Rajiv Nadkarni from Microsap, U.K.; Abhishek Gureja from Winjit Digital, Delhi made the event one of its kind by their presence.


Where the Winjit Smashers were seen unbeaten and winning the tournament, Winjit Avengers did give a tough fight. All in all a great event followed by a party made Winjitians to come together more as a family and the new recruits to have a hang of the Winjit Family.

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  1. Harshal Deshmukh

    This was a great event…..!!!
    I remember we started this event in 2011, the year when we won ODI World Cup. It was conducted during the World Cup matched so everyone was in the cricketing fever which boost WCL and started as a one of the successful event.
    Great Team Event by Winjitians………….!!!


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